Tornado BR 16/3 Grit Scrub Brush (2 brushes)

Tornado BR 16/3 Grit Scrub Brush (2 brushes)Zoom
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Product Description

Designed specifically for use with your Tornado BR 16/3 machine, the BR 16/3 Grit Scrub Brush (Tornado K5762126) offers heavy-duty scrubbing power for cleaning extremely soiled grout or unsealed concrete. It features Tornado's innovative cylindrical brush shape that allows for added environmental sustainability. These cylindrical brushes conserve water, solution and source materials via low-moisture deep scrubbing at an impressive speed of 660 RPMs. They are designed to thoroughly remove tough, deeply-set stains and dirt that disc-style grit brushes can't reach. Additionally, they offer up to six times more contact pressure than rotary brush scrubbing.

  • Designed for use with the Tornado BR 16/3
  • Comes in an economical pack of two