Tornado BR 13/1 MW Soft Scrub Brush (2 brushes)

Tornado BR 13/1 MW Soft Scrub Brush (2 brushes)Zoom
Mfr. Part No:33856
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Product Description

Replace or upgrade your Tornado BR 13-1 MW with this economical two-pack of BR 13-1MW Soft Scrub Brushes. The Tornado 33856 brush is appropriate for daily cleaning of textured, epoxy, rubber, wood, grout, commercial carpet, marble, granite, vinyl and sport floors. All of Tornado's BR 13/1 MW brushes feature an economical cylindrical design that provides eco-friendly, low-moisture cleaning. They use 30 percent less water while running at high brush speeds of 650 RPMs, which is over three times faster than the speed of comparable rotary brushes. The Soft Scrub Brush is unique in that it can be used to clean carpeting thanks to the soft, gentle texture.