Dr. Schutz Disinfectant Cleaner - 5L

  • Dr. Schutz Disinfectant Cleaner - 5L
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Product Description

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Customer purchasing Dr Schutz Disinfectant Cleaner is responsible to properly dilute concentrated solution and to allow adequate dwell time. EFFECTIVENESS OF THIS PRODUCT IS DEPENDENT UPON PROPER USE. Download and carefully review documents provided on this product page and read complete product label prior to use. Dr Schutz company has provided documentation that Dr Schutz Disinfectant Cleaner is effective disinfectant - Letter from Dr Lothar Schutz, Managing Director    and a Caronavirus specific Information Sheet.

Use Dr Schutz Disinfectant Cleaner, in a 5-liter size, to effectively clean and disinfect resilient floors in medical facilities, food service ares, public buildings and more. Alcohol-free liquid concentrate based on tertiary alkylamines to perform as anti-bacterial, fungicidal and virucidal when allowed to dwell for recommended timeframe in accordance with manufacturer supplied instructions and dilution ratios. Dr Schutz Disinfectant Floor Cleaner contains no solvents so it is safe to apply to floors that have been treated with polymer dispersions, such as Dr. Schutz hard sealers.
  • Anti-bacterial, Fungicidal, Virucidal Disinfectant
  • Apply to floor with wet mop & bucket. Rinse floor thoroughly after dwell time.
  • Use for disinfectant mopping of non-porous, hard, washable (water-resistant) flooring surfaces, walls, tables, chairs.
  • Comparatively low pH-value of approx 10 (concentrate)
  • Safety Data Sheet: Dr Schutz Disinfectant Cleaner SDS
  • Technical Data Sheet: Dr Schutz Disinfectant Cleaner Technical Information
  • Follow label instructions for use. Store up to 36 months in unopened original container.
Use Instructions:
Use biocides safely by reading and following complete product information, labelling and use instructions. Prior to use, test for compatibility, with your floor/applied flooring finish or other surface, in a small inconspicuous area utilizing appropriate dilution and dwell time.
  • Wet mop, paying attention to the given dilution rates and contact time. Pre-clean strongly stained areas. Surface disinfection in primary health care: dilution 1:20 = 5% with 5 minutes dwell time, 1:60 - 8 minutes, 1:100 - 15 minutes.
  • Treated surfaces must not be used until completely dry.
  • Do not mix with other cleaning products!
  • Store Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate in sealed original containers in a cool, dry place. Do not allow to come into contact with food.

This item follows ORM-D shipping restrictions for Corrosive Liquid, N.O.S.. All safety data for this product is detailed on the Safety Data Sheet.