Prime Source RED Floor Buffing Pads -13 in -17 in -19 in -20 in

Prime Source RED Floor Buffing Pads -13 in -17 in -19 in -20 in
Buy five or more red floor pads for rotary floor machines and save! Select the size from the pull-down menu to choose from 13 inch, 17 inch, 19 inch and 20 inch diameter red rotary pads. The Prime Source Red Buffing Pad fits most standard swing-arm or autoscrub machines, high or low speed, that require a round pad. Red floor pads are purchased individually, per pad, with a price break at quantity 5. The red rotary pad is intended for light-duty cleaning or spray-buffing. Use red rotary pad wet with an appropriate floor cleaning solution to clean mildly dirty floors as typical in routine cleaning with an auto scrub floor machine. To use in a spray buff program, use the red rotary pad with a spray buffing solution to add shine to the floor. Use on most resilient floors including luxury vinyl tile, plank or sheet flooring, sheet vinyl, vinyl composite tile and linoleum floors.
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Prime Source 13" Red Buffing Pad
Machine Pad - 13 inch
As Low As$5.71
Prime Source 17" Red Buffing Pad
Machine Pad - 17 inch
As Low As$7.60
Prime Source 19" Red Buffing Pad
Machine Pad - 19 inch
As Low As$8.73
Prime Source 20" Red Buffing Pad
Machine Pad - 20 inch
As Low As$9.36
Find the 13-inch, 17-inch, 19-inch & 20-inch diameter pads to fit your swing arm floor machine or autoscrubber to use in your regular floor maintenance or spray buff program. Follow maintenance instructions provided by flooring brand for the type of floor being cleaned or buffed when choosing the right rotary pad for use on the floor. Red rotary pads are not appropriate for all types of floors. Spray buffing is only intended for certain floors per flooring manufacturer instructions.