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  • Odorcide 210 Ready-to-Use Soaker Squeeze Bottle, 16 oz
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Odorcide 210 Ready-to-Use Soaker Squeeze Bottle, 16 oz
Mfr. Part No:210R
Brand:Odorcide 210
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Product Description

Ready to use Odorcide in a 16-Ounce Soaker bottle is used to eliminate odors from localized soiling on carpets and upholstered furniture. Use at home, for cleaning service providers, in healthcare facilities, schools and more. Odorcide in the soaker bottle requires no mixing and should be applied directly from the squeeze bottle. Before treating an area of carpeting or upholstery with Odorcide, remove loose soiling and debris. To use the Odorcide Soaker bottle, just pull up on the cap to open, point bottle towards the odor source and squeeze to saturate the effected area that is causing the bad smell. For deeply embedded odors, such as old urine stains, the area must be thoroughly saturated into and beyond the soiled spot. Stepping, pressing, or walking, on the soaked area will improve penetration once the product has been applied. The product must come in contact with the odor source to be completely effective. Allow the area to air dry. If odor remains, not enough product was used or direct contact with the odor source was not made. Repeat the process, targeting the source of the smell. To treat carpet stains, rub the area thoroughly with a sponge or cloth saturated with Odorcide from the Soaker bottle. Blot with a clean cloth. Let air dry then vacuum.

For environments that require a large amount of Odorcide for wide spread or frequently recurring odor problems on carpeting & upholstery, buy multiples of the 16-oz Ready to Use Soaker squeeze bottle or purchase a larger sized concentrated  Odorcide Original 210 solution.  Odorcide in the ready to use 16-oz Soaker, along with the ready to use  32-oz sprayer  are ideal for routine use on janitorial carts.

Odorcide contains water, proprietary essential oil blend and preservatives.  Odorcide 210 Ready-to-use Formula Safety Data Sheet.  When using Odorcide with chlorine cleaners, the odor fighting properties are decreased. Always test for color fastness of carpet or upholstery prior to use.