Odorcide 210 Ready-to-Use Soaker Squeeze Bottle, 16 oz

  • Odorcide 210 Ready-to-Use Soaker Squeeze Bottle, 16 oz
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Mfr. Part No:210R
Brand:Odorcide 210

Product Description

Odorcide 210 Ready-to-Use Soaker Squeeze Bottle, 16 oz
works by permanently neutralizing malodors and replacing them with a mild, pleasant scent through a counteraction, absorption and bonding process that reactivates after initial application to continue combating malodors.

Proven and cost effective in eliminating malodors due to urine, feces, hormonal (tomcat) spray, decaying organic matter, emesis, mold & mildew. Odorcide removes embedded odors from fabrics, upholstery, carpeting, floors and walls. The concentrate can also be used to remove bad odors in toilet holding tanks, laundry soak or rinse and as a surface spray.

100% Biodegradable. Non-irritating to skin. Not corrosive to treated articles including upholstery. Water-based.

Commercial, Hospitality, Institutional or Residential Applications including:
  • General Cleaning
  • Pet Odors
  • Flood Remediation
  • Smoke Odors
  • General Janitorial
  • Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Medical Facilities
  • Laundry Applications
  • Sports Applications

  • Ready-to-Use Directions for Use:
    Pull up applicator cap on the 16oz Squeeze Bottle or turn the spray nozzle on the 32oz Sprayer, point at the odor site and apply enough Odorcide to saturate through to the source of the odor.
    For carpet odors:
    If recent, blot or remove surface matter causing the odor as much as possible. Spray Odorcide 210 onto area to be cleaned. For deeply embedded odors, saturate area thoroughly. For carpets, stepping on the soaked area will improve penetration. Product must come in contact with the odor source to be effective. Let air dry. If odor remains, not enough product was used. Repeat.
    For stains:
    Rub area thoroughly with a sponge or cloth saturated with Odorcide 210. Blot with clean cloth. Let dry and vacuum.
    For Air Deodorizing:
    After general cleaning, spray area. Allow to air dry. Will not leave residue.

    Odorcide is fully compatible with detergents, germicides and works at any temperature.

    Note: Ready-To-Use Formula is equal to the strength of the Concentrate diluted for Carpet or Hard Surface Application, 1oz concentrate per pint of water.

  • Effectiveness decreased when using with Chlorine solutions.
  • Always spot test for color fastness.

  • Treating Urine Stains: Noting the surface stain is generally sufficient however, a black light or a probe that detects urine salts can be useful if urine odors are being treated. Use the rule of thumb that urine migrates laterally about 50% beyond the stain area, as well as penetrating deeply, often through backing, padding and into the sub floor.
    Apply sufficient mix to cover contaminated area and to penetrate as deeply as the odorous material. PRESSURE SPRAY at 40 to 100 PSI, INJECT or POUR on. To assure penetration, use a roller or simply walk the product in. Vacuuming and cleaning can take place immediately after application. If any odor remains, it's because ODORCIDE 210 has not penetrated to the source of the odor. Fold back the carpet and apply to the underside, padding and flooring.

    Residual Action of ODORCIDE 210 reactivates deodorizing properties when the treated surface gets wet so it is usually unnecessary to use the product with every cleaning.

    Penetration to Odor Source: Make certain that the Odorcide comes in physical contact with the most deeply embedded odor source to successfully remove malodors.

    Can be used with Vital-Oxide to eliminate odors while the Vital-Oxide eliminates mold and bacteria.

    Safety Data Sheet: Odorcide 210 Ready-to-Use & Concentrate MSDS