Odorcide 210 Ready-To-Use 32oz Spray

  • Odorcide 210 Ready-To-Use 32oz Spray
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Brand:Odorcide 210
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Product Description

Odorcide 210 in a ready-to-use 32-Ounce Spray bottle is convenient for quick removal of malodors associated with trash, urine accidents, mildew and any other bad smell. Use on interior surface, at home or in commercial facilities, to remove malodors from carpeting, draperies, hard surface floors, countertops, desks, chairs and more. Spray Odorcide to saturate the source of the bad smell then wipe clean or air dry, depending on the surface and depth of the odor source. Use routinely to eliminate residual body odor on upholstery, freshen pet beds, use in public or home bathrooms to remove airborne and surface odors, and use on almost any interior surface, or in a vehicle. A spray bottle of odor eliminating Odorcide should be included on janitorial carts for as needed or routine use in hospitality, schools, healthcare facilities. No mixing required. Safety data sheet:  Odorcide 210 Ready-to-use Spray.

To use the 32-oz Spray Odorcide, ready-to-use, on hard surfaces, fabric or carpeting, point the sprayer at the odor source to spray. Use enough product to thoroughly cover the odor source. On carpeting or fabric, go 50-percent beyond the soiled area. Wipe or let air dry as appropriate for each type of surface. Odorcide must come in contact with the odor source to be completely effective. For stained spots, rub with a sponge or cloth saturated with Odorcide spray then blot dry with a clean cloth. Allow remaining dampness to air dry.

Odorcide Original 210 formula is also available in  several sizes of concentrate  and in a ready for use  16-oz Soaker bottle,  ideal for spot cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture. Check fabrics for color fastness prior to use. When using in conjunction with chlorine based cleaners, Odorcide may be less effective.