NYLAC Carpet Cleaning Care

NYLAC Carpet Cleaning Care
Nylac Carpet Cleaner is the professionals' preferred method in the removal of residue left by other carpet cleaners. The powerful formula is also made to thoroughly attack stains left by food, drink, grease and pets, all while being eco-friendly, odorless and free of toxic chemical fumes. This unique carpet cleaning product does double-duty with its shampoo and powder residue removal power that simultaneously enhances and cleans carpet.
Nylac Carpet Cleaner, Quart Sprayer
$19.10, 4/$68.76
Nylac Carpet Cleaner, Half-Gallon Sprayer
$28.60, 2/$51.48
Nylac Carpet Cleaner, Gallon
$46.70, 2/$84.06
Nylac Casabella Carpet Mop
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Nylac Casabella Mop Replacement Sponge
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Nylac Carpet Cleaner leaves carpet dry and ready to use in less than one hour, so you can return to your busy life without dealing with soaked carpets. This is a great product to have on hand after you have a professional carpet cleaning service, as many carpet cleaning machines leave behind shampoo residue that attracts dirt and makes carpet stiff. Every Nylac carpet clean leaves your carpets pleasantly clean and residue-free.

1877FloorGuy supplies a variety of Nylac carpet cleaning options to meet the needs of your commercial or residential goals. We also carry the Nylac Carpet Mop for easy application of Nylac.