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Protective FELT Furniture Pad, 5"x 6" 1/ pk

Item Number: Equi-108
Regular price:$10.00

Equinox Protective Felt Furniture Pad, 5"x 6" 1/ pk
Floor d-fenders item #108

Self-stick backing makes this felt pad easy to use on furniture for protecting a hard-surface floor against scratches. This pad is designed to be used as one rectangular piece or cut to fit an unusual size/shape.

For Use On: Large base furniture item (ie: table, plant stand) or other legless objects such as crocks and benches.

Directions For Use: Wipe dirt off of the bottom of the object onto which the pad will be applied. Peel the paper back off of the felt pad and apply directly to the bottom of the object.

Felt furniture pads should be replaced periodically because they can pick up small particles of dirt that can scratch the floor.

Use felt pads to protect hard surface flors such as wood, laminate, linoleum.
Includes 1 self-stick pad per package.