Mercier Touch Up Kit

Mercier Touch Up Kit
Easily fill small holes, gouges and deep scratches and cover stains and surface scratches on your Mercier wood floors with the Mercier Touch-Up Kit from 1877FloorGuy. Designed to blend in with the natural variations in wood flooring, this Mercier floors repair kit comes in eight factory wood stain colors for a perfect match. Each kit comes with a Mercier Fill Stick (Crayon) and a Mercier Touch-Up Marker. The fill stick is designed to fill smaller holes, gouges and deep scratches, while the touch-up marker may be used to color shallow scratches or areas filled with the fill stick. The Mercier wood floor touch-up kit may be used alongside lacquer, varnish, urethane or other kinds of finishes, though it's not required for a high-quality result. The marker won't rub off. Mercier Touch-Up Finish is sold separately.

Fill Stick (Crayon) Use: To fill small holes, gouges and deep scratches. Remove dirt or wax build-up from area to be repaired. Rub the fill stick over the area until it is well filled with the wax. Remove excess wax fill with a smooth, clean cloth.

Touch-up Marker Use: To color shallow scratches or areas filled with fill crayon stick, stroke marker with the grain when possible on scratch or filled area. Wipe excess marker with a clean, dry cloth. Repeat to darken the color. Wipe after each stroke for a more natural appearance to blend with wood floor stain. Dries within a few minutes. No pumping necessary.
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