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Tornado BR 16/3 Hi-Low Grout Brush (2 brushes)

Item Number: TORN-K47622510
Regular price:$286.42

The Tornado BR 16/3 Hi-Low Grout Brush (Tornado K5762125) is a high-performance grout brush for Tornado BR 16/3 Automatic Floor Scrubbers. It allows you to thoroughly clean difficult, ground-in stains and dirt on grout of your ceramic tile, quarry tile, paver brick floors and more. The Tornado Hi-Low Grout Brush features a unique high and low design that targets the raised grooves of grouting for a targeted clean. It features the sustainable Tornado cylindrical brush design that provides low-moisture deep scrubbing to conserve water, solution and source materials while providing more contact pressure and higher speeds (660 RPMs) than comparable rotary brush automatic scrubbers.

  • Designed for use with the Tornado BR 16/3
  • Comes in an economical pack of two