Kahrs Landobond Wood Floor Adhesive, 1/2 Liter

Kahrs Landobond Wood Floor Adhesive, 1/2 LiterZoom
Kahrs Landobond Wood Floor Adhesive, 1/2 LiterKahrs Landobond Wood Floor Adhesive, 1/2 LiterKahrs Landobond Wood Floor Adhesive, 1/2 Liter
Mfr. Part No:710225
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Product Description

This is the brand specific Adhesive for use on edges and grooves of wood floor boards when installing Kahrs WoodLoc Floating Floor, Kahrs Tongue & Groove and Kahrs Activity Floor hardwood flooring systems. Kahrs Landobond Adhesive, item 710225, comes in a .5 liter squeeze bottle, labeled simply as Adhesive, to make applying on wood plank edges easy to handle for accurate application. Kahrs Adhesive has excellent strength, elasticity and resistance to moisture. The hand held squeeze bottle of Kahrs Adhesive, 1/2 Liter size, is not for use in a glue down Kahrs floor installation. That will be a trowel applied type adhesive. The squeeze bottle of Kahrs Adhesive with a tapered nozzle top is only for use on Kahrs wood plank edges as described in Kahrs flooring installation instructions. Reference your specific type of Kahrs floor directions for installing to know where to use Kahrs Adhesive. Freeze/thaw stable.

On Kahrs WoodLoc® and Kahrs Activity floors, Landobond Adhesive is applied to the locking edge of a plank when the locking edge flange must be cut away for fit in a tight spot such as under a door frame and is also used, in some flooring installations, on the last WoodLoc board placed in the floor layout.

When working with Kahrs Tongue & Groove hardwood flooring system, an important step for the flooring installer is to apply an 1/8 inch bead of adhesive to end joints. Failure to apply adhesive to end joints will result in floor board gaps.

  • Wipe spilled or excess adhesive off wood flooring right away.
  • Coverage: Each 1/2 liter bottle of Kahrs Adhesive will cover 200 - 250 square feet.
  • Safety Data: Kahrs Adhesive MSDS