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Kahrs Laying WedgeKahrs Laying WedgeKahrs Laying WedgeKahrs Laying WedgeKahrs Laying Wedge
Kahrs Laying Wedge
Mfr. Part No:710262
No Longer Available

Product Description

Kahrs Laying Wedge, item 710262, is a Kahrs brand floor installation tool that holds up the previous board in a row on a Woodloc floor installation so the flooring installer can engage the next board. The Kahrs Laying Wedge with pull string is pushed under the edge of the last board installed and it's left with the string edge available to pull. This is done after the board is engaged at the joint and flat on the floor so it raises up just a few degrees. The next Woodloc board is laid on the floor end to end with the previous board and lined up as described in Kahrs detailed Woodloc flooring install instructions. Once the second board is set down in place, tap it in with the Kahrs Handblock then remove the Laying Wedge from the previous board before moving on to install the next wood floor plank.

How many Laying Wedges are needed on a flooring installation job is dependent on how many installers are working along side one another and how many rooms of Kahrs Woodloc flooring are being installed. You may need just one or you may want to buy several Laying Wedges.