Diversey PLAZA PLUS Sealer/Finish, 5 Gallon

Diversey PLAZA PLUS Sealer/Finish, 5 GallonZoom
Mfr. Part No:5104933
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Product Description

Diversey Plaza Plus Finish/Sealer high gloss sealer/finish for natural stone substrates in a 5-Gallon container. Use on quarry tile, marble, unglazed ceramic tile & more. Use as sealer only or as sealer & finish top coat. Easy to maintain with conventional or UHS maintenance programs. Adheres well to natural stone and unglazed clay tile floors. Withstands high traffic loads. Compliant with California 2010 VOC Requirements. Meets ASTM D-2047 Requirements for Slip Resistance.

Use Plaza Plus to Seal/Finish: marble, terrazzo, granite, slate, quarry tile, brick, unglazed ceramic, Mexican tile, porcelain, terracotta and other clay tile floors
Coverage per Gallon: First coat: 1500 sq ft per gallon  \  Successive coats: 2000 - 2500 sq ft per gallon

Instructions for Use:
Remove all old sealer/finish using appropriate Diversey floor stripper according to label directions. Rinse floor to ensure all residues are removed. Allow floor to dry thoroughly before proceeding.
As a Sealer & Finish apply 3-5 coats with a clean synthetic finish mop and bucket or other approved floor finish application system. Allow approx 45 minutes dry time between coats. May be longer depending on ambient conditions.
As a Sealer ONLY requires 2 - 3 coats of Plaza Plus and an appropriate floor finish top coat applied to meet the facility requirements.

Do not dilute. Do not use on surfaces colder than 50° F (10° C) at 15% RH. Diversey Plaza Plus Product Information Sheet . Read product label instructions prior to use. Diversey Plaza Plus SDS.

Maintenance for a Floor Sealed & Finished with Plaza Plus:
  • Sweep or dust mop frequently and before cleaning.
  • Clean routinely with an alkaline or neutral cleaner, as appropriate, following cleaning solution label instructions.
  • Low Speed Buffing - spray buff with red floor pad.
  • High Speed Buffing - burnish with a UHS machine,1500 RPM or greater, and appropriate machine pad.
  • Deep clean and re-coat floor when appearance can not be repaired with buffing.
  • When a different top coat finish is applied over Plaza Plus Sealer, follow cleaning & care instructions for that top coat finish. Deep clean and re-apply floor finish top coat as needed.
Shelf life is 2 years, unopened.