How to Protect Vinyl and LVT Flooring

How to Protect Vinyl and LVT Flooring
How to Protect Vinyl and LVT Flooring

Protecting your vinyl and LVT flooring is one of the simplest ways you can get the most out of your flooring investment. Whether you're looking for ways to keep your commercial and residential floors free of scratches and nicks or need ideas for how to integrate protective finishes, the floor care experts at 1877FloorGuy are here to help. We can assist you with protecting vinyl floors by Mannington, US Floors, Congoleum, Armstrong, Adore, Metroflor and more. These low-maintenance vinyl floors will last longer and maintain their beauty when protected with the proper products.

Types of Vinyl Flooring

LVT (luxury vinyl tile) is a popular choice for a range of applications, as it provides a realistic wood or natural stone look and is easier to install than sheet vinyl. It also provides a low-maintenance appeal, so it's popular for busy commercial environments, such as in hospital rooms and waiting rooms. The term LVT can be used to classify various luxury vinyl flooring styles, including tile and plank. It is used in both residential and commercial environments because it comes in a variety of great-looking options. Commercial LVT differs from residential in thickness and constructions. With that being said, both styles have similar maintenance requirements. Commercial facilities often use an auto scrub machine for maintaining LVT while a homeowner typically cleans the floor with mop and bucket or a spray cleaner with flat microfiber mop.

Another popular vinyl flooring option is vinyl composite tile, or VCT. Despite the fact that VCT has been around much longer than VCT, there are fewer style options available with this floor type. VCT is more durable but only comes in speckled or solid colors and requires a finish, whereas LVT can be finished but doesn't require finishing. LVT comes in a larger variety of choices, including natural-looking tones and textures. LVT is now being used in many facilities that previously used VCT.

WPC (wood plastic composite) is an emerging floor covering that provides a waterproof appeal, compared to LVT's water resistance, and comes in a variety of styles similar to LVT. The maintenance is much the same.

Preventative Products for Vinyl and LVT

One of the most common complaints about LVT floors is that they seem to scratch easily. This can be a concern in a range of LVT products, but is especially problematic in darker wood tones, as the scratches are more noticeable. The best and most permanent solution for protecting vinyl floors is to apply felt pad protectors to your furniture feet and bases in order to minimize routine wear and tear and scratches. You'll find a wide range of floor protectors for various sized chair and table legs at 1877FloorGuy.

Floor Finishes for Vinyl and LVT

Another great option for protecting vinyl floors is to use a flooring finish. These products help to protect the top wearlayer of the flooring, adding an extra layer of protection against scratches, dents and nicks. For example, Metroflor's Prevail Finish (available in various gloss levels) uses a urethane coating with ceramic beads to provide tough, long-lasting wear and stain protection while sealing the floors against moisture. Hilway Direct finishes are also a popular option, especially for LVT flooring that requires a matted sheen. LVT floors are designed to have a natural low luster look (for example, wood or stone-look). Products such as Hilway Direct Satin will provide a quality, mid-level shine for customers that prefer just a bit more sheen than a matte finish.

Periodically, the finish needs to be reapplied. How often you need to apply finish depends on the type of floor and traffic levels.

Choosing the Right Products

Many different vinyl and LVT floor manufacturers make their own branded maintenance products, which are specifically called out in their maintenance instructions. For the best possible outcome, use products that are identified by your floor manufacturer. 1877FloorGuy has vinyl finishes and care products for Mannington in its Mannington Award Series line as well as options for Congoleum floors.

1877FloorGuy is always available to help you find the appropriate vinyl protection products for your specific floors. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us today. Be sure to explore our complete selection of vinyl floor care products to find high-quality cleaners, protectors and maintainers by top floor care brands.
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