How to Fix Scratches on Luxury Vinyl Floors

How to Fix Scratches on Luxury Vinyl Floors

How to Fix Scratches on Luxury Vinyl Floors and More

Repair scratches in LVT, VCT vinyl and polyurethane factory-finished floors with one of a kind ScratchFix by Dr. Schutz. Easy to use, this kit contains all that is needed to remove or reduce visibility of light or deep scratches on most resilient floors. This is especially helpful in the removal of scratch marks from Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) in schools, commercial spaces, retail stores and restaurants where the LVT has become dull and worn from chairs or heavy foot traffic scratching the floor each day. This affordable, user-friendly kit is a great way to remove scratches from vinyl floors so you don't have to replace your costly flooring investment.

Dr Schutz ScratchFix Kit for Luxury Vinyl Floors

This ScratchFix repair kit is designed for simple application so it's easy to fix minor superficial scuffing as well as more serious gouges in the flooring. All supplies are included in the kit for fixing floor scratch marks. Videos showing how to use Dr. Schutz scratch removal pen and scratch removal spray, as well as the other included buffing and scraping tools, are helpful and should be viewed before flooring repairs are made.
You may be able to repair blemishes on your vinyl flooring instead of having to do an expensive flooring replacement.

Use the scratch removal tools on LVT, VCT, sheet vinyl and floors with a factory applied PU/PUR polyurethane coating. The scratch repair kit is engineered to accommodate most finished flooring gloss levels, from natural matte finish to a medium satin gloss shine. Do a test to ensure compatibility and practice the repair on extra flooring material or in an out-of-the-way area, such as a closet floor before making a repair in the middle of your dining room or store flooring. Like most things, practicing with the floor repair tools in this kit will make your application better and ensure that the finish gloss level is compatible with your specific floor.

Don't forget to thoroughly read the manufacturer's instructions and watch the helpful resource videos on this page to ensure that you get the best possible results.
The complete Dr. Schutz ScratchFix PU Repair Kit comes with a handy scratch repair pen and spray that work together to partially repair scratches as well as stress whitening on LVT. You will want to use the PU Repair Spray for restoring the surface of floors after repairing the fine scratches and use the PU Repair Pen to mend and fill deep scratches. The kit also comes with a wedge that's used to remove protruding edges of a deep floor scratch as well as an abrasive, gray sanding tool that prepares the floor for treatment. Once you fill in the scratch using the pen, you will want to let the area dry before applying the included spray.
Directions for use: Clean area making sure it is free of any dirt, grease and any existing polish or acrylic finish. ScratchFix will only work when applied to the factory finish. Lightly sand the damaged area using the abrasive grey pad provided in the kit to smooth out any rough areas caused by the scratches. Remove any dust created during sanding using a slightly moist cloth. Allow area to dry. Rigorously shake the ScratchFix Repair Spray for 20 seconds. Spray damaged area forming a fine mist on the floor. For best results apply 2-3 coats. Allowing 5-10 minutes of drying time between coats. Read the included full kit instruction sheet prior to use.
IMPORTANT: Gloss level between the repaired area and the factory finish may differ. Always test repair products on left over material or in an inconspicuous area prior to the repair to be sure you will be satisfied with the results.