FlexiFelt 1-1/8-inch Protector for Angled or Straight Chair Legs - 100 pack

FlexiFelt 1-1/8-inch Protector for Angled or Straight Chair Legs - 100 packZoom
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Flexi-Felt 6128 chair leg protectors are designed for chairs and tables with a variety of led styles like tubular, angled or straight to reduce scratch damage on floors. You can find these types of tables and chairs in classrooms and cafeterias affixed with the 6120-Series chair glide from Flexi-Fit. Their specialized design lets the protective felt to be on the floor no matter the chair leg angle. This provides for greater felt durability and floor protection. It also limits the amount of dust under the felt pad.

The Flexi-Felt 6128 is for furniture legs are 1-1/8 inch diameter, or 28mm, that are rounded or square. The charcoal grey felt pad on the bottom of the chair leg protector is made from a blend of durable wool. The protectors are designed to hide felt inset from the edge of the fitted tube and accommodates the bend of angled chair legs. The flexible sleeve extends up the chair leg 2-5/8 inches and hold the protector tight in place.

You can reduce the maintenance costs of your floors and the noise of moving furniture with the 6128D. The tubing style guide doesn't move when transporting furniture and is easy to install. It doesn't even matter if the chairs need to be stacked.

You'll see the 6128 Flex Felt chair leg protectors in institutions like schools, assisted living centers and medical offices. They're perfect for offices, cafeterias and meeting rooms. No matter what type of floor such as LVT, VCT, hardwood, laminate, rubber, sheet vinyl or cork, these protectors will drastically reduce damaging wear and tear.

The Flexi Felt 6128D comes in quantities of 100/package.

For smaller chair or table leg, without swivel foot, try out the smaller size of this same item that fit tubing legs as small as .75 inch.