Flexi-Felt 3/8" Tubular Sled Base 6010D - 100/box Dark

Flexi-Felt 3/8" Tubular Sled Base 6010D - 100/box DarkZoom
Mfr. Part No:D6010
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Product Description

Metal sled base chairs are bound to scratch and scuff hard surface flooring as they slide around when people move the chairs. Flexifelt has easy to apply felt glides that clips onto round tubular sled based chairs. The 6010D sled base chair glide has a wide flat felt cushion on the bottom of each glide to protect the LVT or other resilient floor and the chairs will move more easily creating less noise. These glide are ideal for use in corporate meeting spaces or cafeterias that have sled based seating. The sled base clip-on glide from Flexi Felt is available in several sizes to fit different diameter chair legs. This glide fits 3/8-inch round tubular chairs. Each carton includes 100 glides to outfit up to 25 tubular sled base chairs.

Each glide is 1-inch wide by 2-inch long, regardless of the diameter chair leg it fits. The substantial felt pad provides balance and even weight distribution. The glides will stay firmly in place during use.

The felt on each glide is dark brown made from a wool-blend dense felt intended for institutional and commercial use.

The 6010D model accommodates .375-inch, or 10mm, diameter tubular sled base chairs.