Eukula Euku Refresher - 1L

Eukula Euku Refresher - 1LZoom
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Use Eukula Euku Refresher Oil is used to freshen up oxidative impregnated-oiled floors. For residential or commercial floor care. Treat entire floor to preserves natural hardwood surface for hard-wearing capability. Use for spot cleaning and touching up as needed. Euku Refresher, 1L is highly water repellent.

To apply, first clean floor thoroughly with a damp mop. Apply Euku Refresher onto floor with a clean cloth. Allow it to soak into the wood floor for 30 minutes then polish into floor, removing excess solution from the surface with a clean cloth. Light traffic can resume after 24 hours. Do not wash floor or allow water to sit on floor for 7 days following application. Replace area rugs, furnishings and equipment after 10 days drying time.

Coverage is approximatel 30-50 mL per square meter.

Follow label instructions for proper disposal of oil soaked cloths and other materials which can self-combust if not enclosed correctly in an air-tight container or soaked in water. Adhere to local disposal regulations.

Store in a cool dry space out of reach of children for up to 2 years in unopened container. Oil may form a skin on top which should be removed before use. Once opened, unused refresher oil may harden in container.