BOEN Care and Maintenance Kit for White oiled floors

BOEN Care and Maintenance Kit for White oiled floorsZoom
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The BOEN Care and Maintenance Kit is specially designed for white oiled parquet floors. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to keep your floors looking pristine: 1L of Floor Soap and 1L of Oil Freshen Up White.

Specifically formulated for use on white oiled floors, this kit covers an impressive 1,196 square feet, ensuring you have more than enough product to maintain your flooring's beauty. The Floor Soap effectively cleans without leaving behind any film or residue, ensuring your floors remain clean and safe to walk on without any slippery surfaces.

Oil Freshen Up White is specially crafted to clean and maintain the natural luster and beauty of your white oiled parquet flooring. With this kit, you can easily refresh and revitalize your floors, keeping them looking as good as new for years to come. Trust BOEN for quality care and maintenance solutions for your valuable flooring investment.