A Top-Notch Quick Fix for Dirty Grout

A Top-Notch Quick Fix for Dirty Grout

A Top-Notch Quick Fix for Dirty Grout

If you need a quick fix for dirty tile grout on tiled areas in your home Grout-Aide Markers are a great solution. Grout-Aide is one of the easiest and quickest ways to refresh the look of tiled spaces. It can't fix all of your grout woes, but it will greatly improve the appearance of grout lines. Use this handy guide to learn the best quick fix for dirty, stained or dingy looking tile grout.

Grout-Aide is an effective solution for anyone looking for a fast, affordable grout update requiring no new installation or professional cleaning services. Here at 1877FloorGuy, we recommend Grout-Aide alongside regular grout and tile maintenance and deep cleaning. Grout-Aide is fast-drying, odorless and fume-free, so it's an excellent solution for the following situations:

  • Quickly refreshing the look and feel of your bathroom before weekend guests arrive
  • Refreshing bathroom floors before getting ready to place your home on the market
  • Cleaning up stained, dingy grout in-between renters at your rental property
  • Covering permanent food, drink and grease stains in the grout in your kitchen

How Grout-Aide Works

Grout-Aide is a water-based permanent paint marker that is odorless and non-toxic. The quick-drying paint covers stubborn stains leaving a uniform finished grout line. If some of the paint gets on the tiles, just wipe if off within five minutes to completely remove it and avoid staining. The formula has no harsh fumes or chemicals, so it's completely safe for use around kids and pets.

Grout-Aide Application Tips

  • Shake the marker for two minutes prior to use and then gently press the tip onto paper until the paint flows. Try a few lines on the paper to become familiar with the flow of the marker before working on your tile grout. Note: Paint will absorb through the paper, so make sure you protect the surface underneath.
  • Keep an eye on the marker's tip during application. If it becomes frayed, remove the tip and turn it around to maintain consistent coverage. The marker is designed for this.
  • Do not use in areas with high moisture, such as shower stalls.
  • For thinner coverage, periodically dip marker in water during application.
  • Know how many lineal feet of grout you'll be covering before purchasing Grout Aide. Each marker covers approximately 175 lineal feet. Coverage may vary depending on the thickness of the grout line.
  • As with any product, read full product label directions prior to use.

Grout-Aide Markers are available in five colors: white, buff, almond, gray and charcoal gray. Select the color closest to your current grout color or the color you think your grout would be if it were new. 1877FloorGuy has a huge selection of grout care products to help you keep your grout looking brand-new even in the most high-traffic rooms of your home.

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