7/8" Tap In Heavy Duty Felt Pads, 100/pkg

7/8" Tap In Heavy Duty Felt Pads, 100/pkgZoom
Mfr. Part No:126-B
Brand:Expanded Technologies
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Product Description

7/8" Tap-In Felt Chair Leg Pads have a hollow metal ring on the back to affix to the bottom of wood furniture legs. This package of 100 commercial quality Tap-In Felt Pads provides reliable protection from floor damage caused by furniture movement and contains enough felt chair leg protectors to outfit 25 chairs. The thick felt pads provide ample cushion and move easily on the floor to prevent furniture from causing scratches on LVT, hardwood, quartz tile and other hard surface floors.

To attach the Tap-In felt pad to chair legs, turn the chair upside down on a table top. Remove any existing metal or plastic glides from the chair legs. Using a rubber mallet, tap the round felt pads into place on each chair leg until the metal ring embeds into the wood. Wood glue can be used for added reinforcement and may be necessary if exiting holes in the chair leg prevent a tight fit.

.875 inch diameter (7/8"). Qty 100 per package.
Check diameter of furniture leg before ordering to ensure best fit. Tap-in Felt pad diameter/width should be slightly smaller than base of chair leg.

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