3M Blue Cleaner Pads 5300

3M Blue Cleaner Pads 5300
3M Blue Cleaner Pad 5300
Available 13", 17", 19", 20"

Designed for heavy-duty scrubbing applications prior to recoating, these 3M Blue Cleaner Pads thoroughly remove dirt, spills and scuffs to ensure that the floor is ready for recoating. Use these 53003M pads in your heavy-duty spray cleaning or foam scrubbing applications one or two times for effective coat removal on sheet vinyl and LVT. Blue pads are made from nylon and polyester fibers, which effectively remove soiling on hard-surface floors. This pad is designed for use with a rotary or automatic floor scrubbing machine on low speed (175 to 600 RPM) and comes in four different sizes from 1877FloorGuy.

Specifically recommended for use on the following floor brands:
(Check compatibility with specific flooring material prior to use.):
Centiva, Forbo
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3M Blue Cleaner Pad 5300, 13"
Machine Pad - 13 inch
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3M Blue Cleaner Pad 5300, 17"
Machine Pad - 17 inch
As Low As$10.13
3M Blue Cleaner Pad 5300, 19"
Machine Pad - 19 inch
As Low As$11.30
3M Blue Cleaner Pad 5300, 20"
Machine Pad - 20 inch
As Low As$10.71
Blue Cleaner Pads by 3M are specifically named by Armstrong, CBC Flooring (Toli, Ceres and Halo brands), Centiva, Flexco, Procedo, Roppe, TAJ, US Floors and Forbo flooring in their maintenance instructions. Make sure to always check compatibility with your flooring material before use in order to ensure that pads won't damage your flooring type.