Mannington Award Series High-Gloss Polish, 32 oz

Item Number: MANN-832150
1+ pieces$13.95 ea.
2 - 5 pieces$11.95 ea.
6 + pieces$10.76 ea.
Regular price:$13.95

Mannington Award Series® High-Gloss Polish, 32 oz gives a long-lasting, like-new shine and provides resistance to heel marks and heavy traffic. For use on your Mannington Vinyl Tile, Sheet Vinyl, Resilient and Fiberglass Flooring including Adura® & Sobella™.

Directions for Use:
  1. Sweep or Vacuum the floor.
  2. Prepare the floor with either Mannington Award Series® Rinse-Free Cleaner or Heavy Duty Cleaner & Stripper according to product label. Wait until floor is dry.
  3. Apply Polish straight from the bottle using a clean, damp sponge mop and spread evenly in a thin coat using smooth overlapping strokes.
  4. Allow floor to air dry for 45 minutes - 1 hour. Repeat for a second coat.
  5. If higher gloss is desired, apply another coat. Be sure to allow cure time between coats.
Coverage: One quart (32oz) Polish covers approximately 500 sq ft

Safety Data: Mannington High Gloss Polish MSDS