Diversey Commercial Floor Care

Diversey Commercial Floor Care
The roots of what is now Diversey commercial/Sealed-Air, industrial and institutional floor care began in 1886. Once part of Johnson Wax Professional (makers of Johnson floor wax and other Johnson floor care products), Diversey products now include brands such as Profi, Taski, GP Forward, Butcher's, Carefree, Wiwax, Raindance, Snapback, Stride and more top-quality cleaning products that are primarily used in commercial and institutional environments. Diversey floor care products are recommended for use on Toli, Forbo and Tarkett flooring brands.
Diversey PROFI Floor Cleaner and Grease Remover (4512759), 1 Gallon
$43.90, 4/$158.04
Diversey CAREFREE MATTE Floor Finish (5104757), 5 Gallon
$204.80, 2/$368.64
Diversey WIWAX Cleaning & Maintenance Emulsion (4512767), 1 Gallon
Commercial Floor Care
$54.95, 4/$197.84
Diversey SNAPBACK SPRAY BUFF (04116), 1 Gallon
$49.70, 4/$178.92
Diversey, GP FORWARD General Purpose Cleaner (04518), 1 Gallon
$28.40, 4/$102.24
Diversey UHS SC Floor Cleaner (4529489), 32 oz Accu-Mix
$29.50, 6/$159.30
Diversey HIGH MILEAGE UHS Floor Finish (5104811), 5 Gallon
$212.30, 2/$382.14
Diversey PREMIA UHS Floor Finish (5039422), 5 Gallon
$221.20, 2/$398.16
Diversey AQUARIA Floor Finish (5120870), 5 Gallon
$246.10, 2/$442.98
Diversey SIGNATURE UHS Floor Finish (5104950), 5 Gallon
$255.50, 2/$459.90
Diversey RAINDANCE Low Foam Neutral Floor Cleaner #50 (4389110), 1 Gallon
$22.35, 4/$80.46
This item is no longer available.
Diversey HOT SPRINGS Heavy Duty General Purpose Cleaner (4039110), 1 Gallon
$28.10, 4/$101.16
Libman Pro 4-Gallon Clean and Rinse Mop Bucket
Diversey makes everything from high-performance neutral cleaners that provide a deep, gentle clean in busy commercial environments to heavy-duty floor strippers that remove heavy polishes and build-up from your floors. Diversey floor wax is also a good option for those looking for a high-quality vinyl floor wax that will protect floors from regular soiling and damage, while Diversey sealers provide complete, sealed protection on any floor. 1877FloorGuy carries many unique Diversey floor care products to suit your unique floor care brand and specific needs.

At 1877FloorGuy.com you'll find many kinds of products to beautify and protect floors, such as wood floor cleaners, floor vanish remover and vinyl floor wax. We have extensive commercial floor maintenance expertise and can answer your questions about these products and help you to choose the right cleaners and finishes for your requirements.

Many of Diversey's products are eco-friendly and are DfE, Ecologo, GreenSeal and GreenGuard Certified. For more information, see Diversey Green Products. Please note that Diversey has recently begun labeling their products with the Sealed-Air name.