Woca Oiled Wood Floor Care

Woca Oiled Wood Floor Care
Woca wood care products is an industry leader for oil finishing products for indoor and outdoor wood flooring. Their products are eco-friendly and meet VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) regulations. You'll find Woca wood cleaner for oil preparation, Woca spot remover, Woca oil (master oil, diamond oil, maintenance oil and oil refreshers) and Woca wood soap.
Woca Soap, White – READY TO USE Spray – for everyday maintenance
$19.95, 2/$35.90
Woca Soap, Natural – READY TO USE Spray – for everyday maintenance
$18.75, 2/$33.70
Woca Solvent - 1 liter
Woca Spot Remover - 9oz
Woca Polishing Cloth
$14.00, 25/$104.00
Woca Patina Disk - Round /6" Diameter
$35.00, 10/$280.00
3M White Doodlebug Cleaning Pad #8440, 4.6 X 10 inch
$8.25, 5/$37.15
3M Doodle Pad Holder
WOCA Neutral Oil - 2.5L
This item is no longer available.
WOCA Neutral Oil Care 1 ltr
This item is no longer available.
Properly cleaned and oiled hardwood flooring is an important part of taking care of your home or business facility investment and it brings out the original beauty of the wood. Oiled wood floors also forms a barrier against dirt and wear and protects against small indentations and scratches. These products are recommended for use on USFloors Oiled Wood and bamboo floors, and Kährs Natural Oiled Wood Floors.

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