Mannington Award Series Rinse-Free Cleaner, 32 oz

Item Number: MANN-832110
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Concentrated formula to clean Mannington Vinyl Tile, Sheet Vinyl, Resilient, Fiberglass flooring including Adura, Sobella. Routine clean residential Mannington floors with Mannington Award Series® Rinse-Free Cleaner, 32 oz.

Directions for Use:
  1. Sweep or Vacuum the floor.
  2. Dilute 1/4 cup of concentrated cleaner with a gallon of cool water.
  3. Using a damp sponge mop, firmly mop the floor with the diluted cleaning solution working from the farthest corner of the room towards the entrance. Add pressure to the mop for hard to clean spots or use a sponge to spot clean stubborn dirt. Use the mop to pick up excess solution from the floor leaving the floor damp but not puddled.
  4. Allow floor to air dry. If desired, rinse with clean water and mop before air drying. Rinsing is NOT required.
For best results:
When cleaning solution becomes dirty, empty bucket and mix fresh cleaning solution.
Always use a clean mop.

Coverage: One gallon of diluted cleaning solution cleans approximately 200 sq ft.

Safety Data: Mannington Rinse-Free Cleaner MSDS