Diversey PROFI Floor Cleaner and Grease Remover (4512759), 1 Gallon

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Diversey PROFI Floor Cleaner and Grease Remover (4512759), 1 Gallon formerly by Taski

Designed for preparation and ongoing maintenance of specialty floors such as rubber and linoleum. Intended for use as an integral part of a comprehensive floor care program for cleaning, stripping and sealing rubber floors. Highly effective, solvent-free, emulsifies dirt quickly. Nonionic oil and grease remover for all resilient and synthetic rubber flooring. Solvent and butyl-free, pH neutral.
Profi, Taski is now part of the Diversey family of commercial maintenance products.

For Use On: Resilient Flooring including rubber, linoleum, marble, stone.

Directions For Use:
  1. Depending upon soil level, dilute product with warm water in accordance with directions below.
  2. Distribute solution and allow to soak for 5-10 minutes (as conditions require) before scrubbing.
  3. Mop up or wet vacuum slurry.
Dilution for Concrete and Resilient Rubber Studded Flooring:
 Light Soil Level: 1-2 oz. / gallon
 Heavy Soil Level: 3-4 oz. / gallon
Dilution for Studded Rubber Flooring:
 Stripping of Silicone & Paraffin: 4 oz. / gallon
 Cleaning: 1-2 oz. / gallon

Note: When cleaning cold floors, use hot water for best results (up to 140˚F).

Safety Data: Diversey Profi MSDS

Additional Information: Diversey Profi Product Data Sheet

Specifically recommended for use on the following floor brands:
(Check compatibility with specific flooring material prior to use.):
Johnsonite (Tarkett Commercial Flooring)
US Rubber Recycling, Survivor Sport Floor