Diversey ReviveŽ Plus SC Maintainer/Rejuvenator (2974600), 32oz Accumix

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Revive PLUS SC is a Maintainer/Rejuvenator formulated to clean & enhance the gloss on most types of floors while minimizing the appearance of scratches. Designed for use in floor cleaning with mop & bucket or auto-scrubber. No rinsing required. Pleasant citrus fragrance.

How to Use: Automatic Scruber-maintenance: Scurb floor with red pad or equivalent. Trail-mop excessive wet areas behind scrubber. Do not rinse floor after cleaning. let floor dry completely. For optimum appearance, burnish using appropriate pads. Mop & Bucket Maintenance: Mop floor clean with diluted priduct. Pick up soil and excess cleaner with a tightly wrung-out mop. Do not rinse floor after cleaning. Let floor dry completely. For optimum appearance burnish using appropriate pads.

Dilution Ratios:
  • maintaining & rejuvenating 1:128
  • deep scrubbing 1:256
  • daily cleaning: auto scrubber 1:512, mop & bucket 1:256

  • Product label contains specific directions for use. 2-year shelf life.

    Safety Data:Diversey Revive Plus SC MSDS Sheet

    Additional Information: Diversey Reveive Plus SC Product Data Sheet

    Specifically recommended for use on the following floor brands:
    (Check compatibility with specific flooring material prior to use.):
    Johnsonite (Tarkett Commercial Flooring)