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DuraSeal Hardwood Floor Cleaner, 28oz Spray

DuraSeal Hardwood Floor Cleaner, 28oz Spray
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DURA SEAL™ Hardwood Floor Cleaner, 28 oz Spray

For Use On:
Wood floors coated with clear unwaxed finish including polyurethane and water based finishes and Laminate floors.

Use regularly to gently remove dirt and grime without leaving a soap film residue. Solvent free. Formulated to be used full-strength; do not add water.

Not for use on waxed, oiled or unfinished wood.

Directions For Use:
  1. Sweep or vacuum to pick up loose dirt.
  2. Lightly mist cleaner directly onto floor in a three to four foot area. Avoid puddling.
  3. Mop floor using a back and forth motion. Finish one area before starting the next.
  4. Rinse or replace mop pad as needed during cleaning.
DURA SEAL™ Floor Cleaner Spray is pre-mixed. Do not dilute.

Safety Data Sheet: DuraSeal Hardwood Floor Cleaner MSDS


UPC #: 027426867222
Manufacturer Part Number: 86722
Brand: duraseal

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DuraSeal Hardwood Floor Cleaner, 28oz Spray