Congoleum Bright 'n Easy Polish Remover, gallon (ORMD)

Item Number: CONG-3003GORMD
1+ pieces$29.99 ea.
2 - 3 pieces$28.50 ea.
4 + pieces$26.99 ea.
Regular price:$29.99

Powerful stripping detergent that dissolves polish build-up quickly and easily. Deep cleaning formula for use to remove previously applied finishes or to dissolve excessive dirt buildup on Congoleum Resilient Sheet, Tile and Plank Floors. Congoleum Bright 'n Easy Polish Remover in a one gallon size is ideal for large flooring projects.

Directions for Use:
  1. Sweep or vacuum floor to remove loose dirt.
  2. Apply Congoleum Bright N Easy Polish Remover full strength on a 4 ft square area using a sponge mop.
  3. Allow Remover to soak into floor for 3 minutes.
  4. Agitate lightly to loosen film.
  5. Remove Congoleum Bright and Easy Polish Remover with a sponge mop or cloth.
  6. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  7. Repeat procedure until complete.
  8. When polish removal is complete, apply Congoleum Bright 'n Easy Floor Polish for a glossy shine or Congoleum Bright 'n Easy Satin-Gloss Floor Polish for a matte finish. Follow directions on polish label.

Safety Data: Congoleum Bright 'n Easy Polish Remover MSDS