NEW! Congoleum Bright 'n Easy No-Rinse SPRAY Cleaner (ready-to-use), 32 oz

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Congoleum Bright 'n Easy No-Rinse SPRAY Cleaner, 32 oz
New Spray Bottle, Ready-to-Use Formula!

Removes tough household dirt on contact without rinsing and leaves no dulling film or residue. Easy one-step cleaner.

For Use On: Congoleum Resilient Sheet, Tile and Plank Floors.

Directions for Use (Routine Cleaning):
  1. Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove loose dirt.
  2. Spray a small area that can be wiped before cleaner dries. Using a microfiber mop, wipe back and forth applying pressure to the mop. Repeat until the entire floor is done and clean. If the mirofiber mop pad becomes dirty, replace it with a clean pad. No Rinsing Required.
Notes: Machine wash microfiber mop pad(s) after use and allow to air dry.

Safety Data: Congoleum Bright 'n Easy No Rinse Spray Cleaner MSDS