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Bona® Pro Series Hardwood Floor Spray Mop (WM710013408)

Bona® Pro Series Hardwood Floor Spray Mop (WM710013408)
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Bona Pro Series Hardwood Floor Spray Mop (WM710013408) includes a 28.75 ounce cleaner cartridge, microfiber cleaning mop pad and a BONUS 4oz Concentrate Cleaner.

All-in-One spray and mop way to clean hardwood flooring. Durable mop construciton makes cleaning easy and fast. When the cleaner cartridge is empty it can be refilled with Bona Pro Hardwood Floor Cleaner concentrate (diluted with water according to label directions) or ready-to-use cleaning solution or for the easiest way to get back to cleaning quickly, insert a new cleaner cartridge that is ready to use.

  • Non-toxic, low VOC cleaning liquid
  • Cleaning method leaves NO dulling residue
  • GreenGuard Certified for Schools

  • For Use On: Urethane-coated Wood Floors

    Directions For Use:
    1. Pull the trigger to spray a mist of cleaner onto the floor in a small area. Push the mop in a back and forth motion with mild pressure on the mop to wipe the sprayed area clean. Continue until entire floor has been mopped.
    2. When you’re done cleaning the floor, wash the microfiber cleaning pad in the washing machine and let air dry.
    For best results follow the grain of the wood and always use a clean mop pad. Read full product label prior to use.

    Bona Pro Safety Data for ready to use hardwood floor cleaner.

    To use this spray mop with Bona Pro Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner, simply replace the cleaner cartridge with a Bona Professional Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner Cartridge.

    UPC #: 737025003289
    Manufacturer Part Number: WM710013408
    Brand: Bona

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    Bona® Pro Series Hardwood Floor Spray Mop (WM710013408)