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Bona Hardwood Floor Polish, High Gloss WP510051002 - 32 oz

Bona Hardwood Floor Polish, High Gloss WP510051002 - 32 oz
Item Number: BONA-51002
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Make hardwood floors shine bright with Bona Hardwood Floor Polish in a high-gloss finish. The 32 ounce bottle of Bona high-gloss floor polish will put a gorgeous shine on 500 square feet of polyurethane coated hardwood floors that have become dull and worn over time.

As with all Bona products, the formula is Greenguard Certified for its stewardship to the environment. Applying this eco-friendly wood floor finish will protect the wood flooring and make it less prone to scratch. That does not mean that itís impervious. Wood is a natural flooring type that does scuff and scratch over time. Most small scratches are due to small pieces of dirt and crumbs that become ground into the wood floor. Frequently sweeping and cleaning the floor with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner will make the shine last longer. If the floor does become dull over time, reapplying Bona Hardwood Floor Polish, high-gloss is a smart choice. Itís safe to apply Bona polish to wood floors as frequently as every two to three months if the shine needs a boost without the worry of a waxy build-up.

Bona polish, in the high gloss formula, is dry and ready to walk on one hour after application is complete however itís advised to let it set for twenty-four hours to achieve a full cure before allowing full traffic on the floor or moving furniture and rugs onto the floor. Dry times will vary dependent on humidity and other site specific conditions.

Prepare a flat Bona mop by attaching an applicator pad. Before beginning to work at finishing the entire floor, test the high gloss polish in a small, not-so-noticeable area to be sure the result meets your expectations. Only then should you remove all furnishing and rugs from the area to allow a smooth finish application.

Polishing Instructions: Clean the floor with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner according to label directions and allow to dry then dust the floor with the Bona Microfiber Dusting Pad affixed to the Bona mop. the Bona Dust Pad can be purchased separately or with the Bona Mop and Dust Kit. Have all supplies on hand before work begins and calculate square footage of the floor being polished to ensure adequate amount of flooring finish is ready for use.

Mix the Bona High Gloss Polish by gently turning the closed bottle back and forth for several minutes. Do NOT shake briskly.

With the applicator mop ready, squeeze some Bona polish onto the floor in a small area. Begin to spread the polish with the prepared applicator mop pad, always with the grain of the wood, being certain to keep the applicator pad wet with polish. Continue this procedure until the entire area of hardwood flooring has been covered in an even, smooth coat of polish. Donít walk in the wet polish or footprints will be visible. If streaks are noticeable during application, itís likely that the coat being applied is too thin. Work back over the area before it has time to dry. For a glossier floor, a second coat of polish may be applied after the first coat has a minimum of two hours of drying time as dictated by ambient conditions. When the job is complete, rinse applicator pad with water and hang it to dry. The pad is reusable for future finish applications.

NEVER coat a floor with Bona Hardwood Floor Refresher or any polyurethane after Bona High Gloss Hardwood Floor Polish has been applied. This will cause a hazy, streaky appearance that is tough to remove.

Do NOT use on any unfinished, unsealed, waxed or oiled wood floors.

This product is NOT a cleaner. Make sure the floor is completely clean and dry before application.

Use of an Applicator Pad that is contaminated or otherwise not clean may cause a haze or streaking.

Do NOT use string mops, cotton mops or sponge mops to apply Bona Hardwood Polish.

Results may vary according to the individual application techniques and prior condition of floor. Read complete product label prior to use.

Safety Information: Bona Hardwood Floor Polish, High Gloss Safety Data Sheet

UPC #: 737025001285
Manufacturer Part Number: WP510051002
Brand: Bona

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Bona Hardwood Floor Polish, High Gloss WP510051002 - 32 oz