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Bona WM710013350 Microfiber Mop Package w/ Dusting Pad, 4x15 inch

Bona WM710013350 Microfiber Mop Package w/ Dusting Pad, 4x15 inch
Item Number: BONA-13350
Regular price:$24.75

Clean and dust mop wood flooring with this sturdy Bona mop set kit. Conveniently packaged mop with all the mopping pads needed right away to care for a new wood,vinyl,laminate or stone floor. Reach tight corners with pivoting flat mop head and 60h height-adjust handle. Use blue cleaning pad with your favorite spray-and-wipe floor cleaner on wood, vinyl, laminate or any hard surface floor or dry dust mop with the white microfiber dusting pad.
Bona Microfiber Mop Package w/ Dusting Pad, 4 inch x 15 inch includes 1 each:
Bona Mop with 4x15 inch base and 60 inch metal height adjustable, telescoping handle
Bona Microfiber Mop Cleaning Pad, blue
Bona Microfiber Mop Dusting Pad, white

For Use On: All hard surface flooring including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, cork floors.

Directions For Use:
Assembly: Fit handle into base assembly until it clicks into locking clips. Place desired mop pad face down on floor. (The Bona name is printed on the back of Bona mop pads.) Set mop base down squarely on top of mop pad and press to engage velcro attachment.

Height Adjustment: To adjust height of mop handle, for use or for storage, twist the pole until the telescoping sections loosen and can extend or shorten. Twist pole in the opposite direction to tighten at desired length.

Maintenance & Storage: Remove mop pad before storing mop pole and base. Mop pole can be easily adjusted to its smallest height if storage space is limited. Mop pads are machine washable, NO fabric softener, air dry. Mop pads should be washed after each use and allowed to dry completely before storing in a clean dry space. Always use a clean pad to mop or dust floor.

This durable mop should provide years of reliable service. Mop pads will last through hundreds of uses. Bona mop pads can be purchased individually and should be replaced when they become worn.

Dusting Pad Use:Use the white, plush dusting pad dry to attract and remove small particles of dirt, dust and common household allergens from the floor. It is, however, recommended to sweep the floor when crumbs, dirt or debris are readily visible to prevent these types of larger particles from scratching the floor's surface.

Cleaning Pad Use:Use the blue cleaning pad with an appropriate spray cleaner to routinely clean the floor. Always sweep or vacuum (no beater bar) prior to mopping floor.

UPC #: 737025007775
Manufacturer Part Number: WM710013432
Brand: Bona

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Bona WM710013350 Microfiber Mop Package w/ Dusting Pad, 4x15 inch