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Armstrong S-480 Commercial Acrylic Floor Polish - 5 Gallon

Armstrong S-480 Commercial Acrylic Floor Polish - 5 Gallon
Item Number: ARMS-4805G
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Armstrong-480 MSDS

Armstrong S-480 Commercial Acrylic Floor Polish is for resilient floors throughout an entire facility. The Armstrong Commercial Floor Polish has excellent wear resistance and dries bright enough for use as a scrub and recoat procedure. Armstrong Commercial Floor Polish can be high speed buffed to a high gloss.

Coverage - 1,500 to 2,000 sq. ft. per gallon per coat.

FLOOR PREP: Sweep or vacuum thoroughly Wash with S-485 Armstrong Floor Cleaner Rinse thoroughly Let floor dry

POLISH - LOW TRAFFIC: Apply 3 to 5 coats (do not apply more than four coats of polish at one time; wait a minimum of 24 hours before applying more polish) Pour polish into a clean bucket (never pour polish directly onto floor) Use a clean finish mop (rayon) or finish applicator Let dry 30 minutes between coats

POLISH - HIGH TRAFFIC: Follow instructions above for Low Traffic; then High speed burnish OR Spray buff (spray-buff solution one part S-480 to two parts water) OR Apply 1 or 2 extra coats

UPC #: 00480508
Manufacturer Part Number: 042369059534
Brand: Armstrong

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Armstrong S-480 Commercial Acrylic Floor Polish - 5 Gallon