Vital Oxide Disinfectant Ready to Use, Gallon

Vital Oxide Disinfectant Ready to Use, Gallon
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Vital Oxide Disinfectant, Gallon

  • Ready to Use.
  • Removes Mold & Mildew and prevents new growth.
  • Proven Effective against a wide range of bacteria including MRSA.
  • No VOCs, 100% Biodegradable
  • Effective even when diluted up to 50%

  • For Use In: Education Facilities, Hospitality Environments, Public Spaces, Homes, Offices, Vehicles, Fitness Centers, Locker Rooms, Bathrooms, Laundry
    For Use On: Carpet, Hard Surface Floors including Hardwood, Upholstery, Fabrics, Walls, Laminate, Sealed Concrete

    Directions for Use:
    General Use: For cleaning floors add one cup Vital-Oxide per gallon of water in bucket and clean with sponge, mop or pad. For use on textiles, test fabric or carpet for color fastness in an inconspicuous area prior to full use. Do not mix with vinegar or acetic cleaners.
    Pre Cleaning: Remove gross filth and heavy soil by cleaning. Spray Vital-Oxide straight onto soils, scrub and wipe clean with a dry paper towel or cloth.
    Disinfect Hard Non-Porous Surfaces: Apply Vital-Oxide full strength to pre-cleaned surfaces, wetting thoroughly with spray, sponge, mop or by immersion in solution. Allow surfaces to remain wet for 10 minutes. For immersion, replace solution daily, or more frequently if it becomes significantly soiled or diluted. Allow surfaces to remain wet for 10 minutes. Clean with appropriate cleaner.
    To Prevent Mold or Mildew on Floors, Walls, Ceilings & Fabric: Remove as much surface dirt, mold or mildew as possible by cleaning. Then spray on Vital-Oxide from a distance of 12 inches until visibly wet and let air dry.
    To Deodorize: Spray and let air dry to provide long lasting residual deodorizing action.
    Laundry: Combine it with Odorcide Laundry (or original formula) and it's a strong fighting team that gets out the worst smells. Use the gallon size Vital Oxide for pouring directly into the clothes washer.

  • Vital-Oxide must come into contact with the cause of the odor to be effective.
  • Works great on pet odors left behind on upholstered furniture.
  • For pet urine stains in carpet, blot urine as dry as possible then saturate stain with Vital-Oxide through carpet pad.

  • Idea: Keep on hand, a spray bottle with a mixture of Vital Oxide and Odorcide Original or Fresh Scent. Use as need as an air freshener, to spray mattresses between linen changes or to freshen and disinfect upholstery, carpets and car seats. Smells clean, not perfumey.

    Safety Data: Vital Oxide MSDS

    UPC #: 892253001008
    Manufacturer Part Number: VITOXIDE41gal
    Brand: Vital Oxide

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    Vital Oxide Disinfectant Ready to Use, Gallon