Mannington Ultra Clean, 32oz Spray

Item Number: MANN-ULC01
1+ pieces$13.75 ea.
2 - 3 pieces$12.75 ea.
4 + pieces$11.25 ea.
Regular price:$13.75

Best selling cleaner for Mannington wood and laminate floors, UltraClean is an easy spray and wipe cleaner for use with a flat microfiber cleaning mop. Mannington Ultra Clean, 32oz Spray is non-toxic, waterbased and leaves NO dulling residue.

For Use On: Mannington no-wax Hardwood and Laminate floors.

Directions For Use:
  1. Vacuum, sweep or dust floor to remove particles of dirt.
  2. Spray mist a small area of floor, approx 4'x6', with cleaner.
  3. Using a flat microfiber mop, in a back and forth motion, wipe the sprayed area. Repeat until entire floor is clean.
Notes: Machine wash microfiber mop pad and allow to air dry after each use. Always use a clean mop pad for best results.

Safety Data: Mannington Ultra Clean MSDS