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Karndean RESIDENTIAL Floor Care Kit

Karndean RESIDENTIAL Floor Care Kit
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Karndean RESIDENTIAL Floor Care Kit
Includes everything you need to care for your Karndean Luxury Vinyl Floor.
  1. Karndean Clean, 25.4 oz
  2. Karndean Remove, 25.4 oz
  3. Karndean Refresh, 25.4 oz
…and a mop head, applicator pad (soft/white), a non-abrasive scrub pad (coarse/white), pack of floor protectors and a complete Karndean residential floor care guide.
note: Mop handle is not included. Mop head will attach to a standard type mop/broom handle. Unscrew threaded attachment on mop head but don't remove. Insert handle into threaded attachment then tighten attachment until mop handle holds in-place firmly. If handle has a pin-hole, remove the pin, with wrap-around ring, from the mop head and insert it through the mop handle's pin-hole before tightening attachment. Pin is not required to hold handle firmly.

For use on: Karndean Designflooring luxury vinyl plank and tile floors.

Karndean Clean Concentrate (residential routine floor cleaner)
Directions for Use: Vacuum, sweep or dust-mop to remove all dust and loose debris. Dilute 1.6 oz cleaner to 2 gallons water. (Each notch on side of bottle represents 1.6 oz.) Damp mop with cleaning solution and a household mop. Remove excess liquid from the floor. Stubborn stains can be removed by spot cleaning with a small amount of concentrated cleaner and a non-abrasive scrub pad. Allow floor to dry completely before walking on it.
Coverage: approx 1615 sq ft / 25.4 oz container ______________________________________________________________ Karndean Remove Concentrate (residential, prepares floor for Refresh)
Directions for Use: Vacuum, sweep or dust-mop to remove all dust and loose debris. Dilute Remover 1:5 with clean water. (Each notch on bottle represents 1.6 oz) Spread solution liberally over the floor with a household mop. Allow to stand for five minutes. Do not allow solution to dry on the floor. Remove solution and residue with a damp mop. Rinse floor thoroughly with clean, fresh, warm water. Allow floor to dry completely before applying Refresh.
Coverage: approx 431 sq ft / 25.4 oz container (6.7 oz Remove to 1 qt water will cover approx 114 sq ft.) ______________________________________________________________ Karndean Refresh (residential floor finish)
Directions for Use: Before use, make sure floor is completely dry and free of all traces of Karndean Remove. Using the blue applicator mop head with the soft white pad (included in the Care Kit), spread a thin, even coat of undiluted Refresh onto the floor in a widthwise direction. Allow to dry for approx 30 minutes then repeat the process lengthwise. Rinse the pad thoroughly after use. Allow floor to dry completely, approx 6 hours or preferably overnight.
Coverage: approx 161 sq ft / 25.4 oz container

Brand: Karndean

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Karndean RESIDENTIAL Floor Care Kit