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Diversey CAREFREE MATTE Low Gloss Floor Finish- Gallon size DISCONTINUEDIf you're looking for Johnson Carefree Matte Floor Finish in a 1-gallon size, we regret that it has been discontinued. However, we do have Carefree Matte available in a 5-gallon option. If a 1-gallon container of low shine matte floor finish is what you need, Hilway Direct Matte is a high-performance alternative that offers the same exceptional results in a floor wax (matte finish) and can be used on a variety of surfaces.  Diversey Carefree® Matte floor finish and Johnson Carefree Matte is now part of Diversey. The same Carefree Matte floor finish can be found as Diversey Carefree Matte Floor Finish with the same low-gloss matt sheen and exceptional durability. Both can be used on linoleum, sheet vinyl stone and other surfaces. Hilway Direct matt finish is also extremely durable and contains no VOCs.

The cleaning solutions and other maintenance products you'll find here help preserve the beauty of your vinyl floors and other floor surfaces, enhancing and protecting your valuable investment. For expert advice about floor maintenance, speak to the professionals at 1877FloorGuy.com. We can answer any questions you have about the cleaning and finishing products we sell, and can help you choose the products best suited for your particular flooring.

Carefree Matte AVAILABLE in 5 gallon size.

Hilway Direct Floor Finish, Matte AVAILABLE in gallon size.

Gallon size of Carefree Matte Low Gloss Floor Finish DISCONTINUED. ************************************************************

Johnson Wax Professional CareFree Matte Low Gloss floor finish is a versatile, high performance, user friendly low gloss floor finish that simplifies your floor care program.

Johnson Wax Care free Matte is designed to work on a wide variety of different substrates in a variety of different maintenance procedures.

Use Johnson Wax Care Free Matte Low Gloss Floor Finish on all resilient floors that want the coating protection without altering the natural low gloss look of the floor.

Use on: Linoleum, Sheet Vinyl, Colored/Pressed concrete, marble, terrazzo and other stone floors.

Johnson Carefree Matte floor finish excels at providing protection without the traditional gloss build.

Coverage: 2000 Sq. Ft. per gallon


1. Apply 2-3 thin coats using a clean mop.

2. Allow 30 minutes drying time between coats

3. Maintenance: Dust mop or sweep and clean the floor with a mop or automatic scrubber using a low Ph cleaner like Johnson stride.

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Diversey CAREFREE MATTE Low Gloss Floor Finish- Gallon size DISCONTINUED