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Bona Pro Series Sport Cleaner, Concentrate - 5 gallon

Bona Pro Series Sport Cleaner, Concentrate - 5 gallon
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Bona Pro Series Sport Cleaner – 5 Gallon Concentrate

Bona Pro Series Sport Cleaner is a waterborne, environmentally responsible cleaner specifically formulated for use in the preparation of old wood sport floors, or for periodic maintenance to clean all polyurethane finished wood sport floors without leaving any residue.
GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality.

Formulated for use with Bona Sport® Waterborne or Oil-Modified Finishes, and other waterborne or oil-modified urethane and maintenance coatings.

Directions For Use:

Daily Maintenance:
1. Sweep or dust mop (with untreated mop only) to remove dust, grit or other abrasive particles.
2. Lightly spray mist a clean mop pad with diluted Bona Pro Series Sport Cleaner (1:8 ratio). Replace soiled mop pads when they are dirty.
Note: Continued use of a soiled pad will cause streaking.
3. For spills or spots damp wipe with diluted Bona Pacific Sport Clean (1:8 ratio) on a clean cloth.

Periodic Maintenance of Finished Floors:
1. Dilute Bona Pro Series Sport Cleaner (1:8 ratio) for a tacking solution. Tack with a well wrung-out cotton towel wrapped around a push broom. Be sure to clean towels regularly and change the solution frequently.
2. Shoe marks and scuffs can be removed by using a white pad and a low- or variable-speed buffer with a (1:8) solution of Bona Pro Series Sport Cleaner. Lightly mist the floor with the solution as you buff. Periodically clean or replace white pad. Note: Continued use of soiled pads will cause streaking.
3. Make sure all residue is removed from the floor by immediately tacking the surface with the water-dampened cotton towel (set up in step 1).
4. For deep cleaning dilute Bona Pro Series Sport Cleaner with water in a 1:5 dilution ratio to be used as a spray-buff solution with a white pad and a low- or variable-speed buffer.

Abrading Prior to Recoating:
Use the Bona Prep™ Recoat Adhesion System per label instructions. Finish with Bona Sport® SuperSport™ or Bona Sport® Sport Poly.

Clean-Up: Clean all tools and equipment with water.

Important Notes:
  • Read all directions, product label and MSDS sheets for this product prior to use.
  • Shake well before using.
  • Never pour the cleaner directly onto the floor.
  • Do not use any dust mop treatments for daily maintenance of finished floors.

  • Safety Data Sheet: Bona Pro Series Sport Cleaner MSDS

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    Brand: Bona

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    Bona Pro Series Sport Cleaner, Concentrate - 5 gallon