Diversey SNAPBACK SPRAY BUFF (04116), 1 Gallon

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Johnson Snapback MSDS

Diversey SNAPBACK SPRAY BUFF (04116), 1 Gallon (formerly by Johnson Wax Professional)

Enhances your floor's appearance and leaves floors with a high gloss and removes black heel marks, scuffs, and repairs scratches.

Recommended as replacement product for Taski Maintain which is no longer available.

Coverage: one gallon does 25,000 - 30,000 sq. ft.

Snapback spray buff floor maintainer works on all Johnson Wax Professional floor finishes. Snapback is recoatable and has a pleasant fragrance.

Directions: Dust mop or sweep. Clean floor using recommended cleaner. Spray buff using SnapBack floor maintainer to enhance gloss. Dust mop or sweep if needed.