WOCA Neutral Oil - 2.5L

  • WOCA Neutral Oil - 2.5L
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Product Description

Woca Neutral Oil is a professional floor finish. The oil ensures protection of the surface while still giving the neutral "invisible" look of raw wood.

Invisible look gives the floor a neutral "invisible" look, as newly sanded wood and is daylight color stable
Fast drying very fast drying, all in one day application
Ecological the oil is water based and very ecological
Solvent free contains less than 1% VOC(Volatile Organic Compounds)

Directions for applying Neutral Oil:

1. Wash floor with WOCA Wood Cleaner in solution 1:40. Let floor dry completely.

2. Shake oil container well before use. Containers with different batch number should be mixed before use to avoid color differences. Apply the oil in a thin layer using a paint roller or WOCA Oil Applicator. Leave oil to be absorbed for maximum 5 minutes. Work in small areas to prevent the oil from drying during application.

3. Buff the Neutral Oil into the floor until the oil has been buffed into the wood. (Change red pads regularly to avoid buildup of oil in the pad.) Be careful to distribute the oil evenly. If excess oil remains, remove with cotton cloth. Since the Neutral Oil is water based, the pads can be cleaned in water and reused. Let floor dry for 3-4 hours.

4. De-nib the surface by buffing the entire floor using 3M Maroon SPP pads (Special Preparation Pad) until floor is smooth. DO NOT use a regular maroon pad, as this may leave scratches in the floor. Vacuum the floor.

5. For a second coat, apply a small amount of Neutral Oil Care on the floor and buff into the surface using red pads. Keep buffing by changing to clean red pads until floor has an even finish with no excess oil on the surface. Clean and reuse pads.

6. Wait approx. one hour, then buff entire floor with a clean, dry white pad.

7. After one week, wash the floor with WOCA Soap Natural in solution 1:10.

8. Subsequent maintenance is done with WOCA Soap Natural in solution 1:20.

Safety Data: Woca Neutral Oil MSDS