Spray-Lock® Wall Tile Adhesive, 22oz

  • Spray-Lock® Wall Tile Adhesive, 22oz
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Mfr. Part No:IL-WTA-22
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Spray-Lock® Wall Tile Adhesive, 22oz
A versatile water based acrylic blend spray adhesive that provides immediate shear strength during installation (prevents tile sagging). Well-suited for adhering approved wall tile in vertical, commercial and residential applications.
Solvent free, emits no harmful fumes and contains <0.0g/ml VOC content. Uses a safe, non ozone depleting HFC propellent.

  • Allows for grouting within one hour.
  • Cleans up with water while the adhesive is still wet.
  • Uses 80% less adhesive than trowel-on adhesives.
  • Exceeds US EPA Indoor Air Quality Standards for VOCs.
  • No offensive odors
  • Non- Flammable
  • No need to shut down HVAC in occupied space

  • For Use On: Spray-Lock WTA adheres approved wall tile onto the following properly prepared smooth substrates:
  • Dry Wall / Sheet Rock / Plaster sheet
  • Backer Board / Plywood Sheet
  • Existing Ceramic Tile
  • Existing Porcelain Tile
  • Wood
  • Metal

  • Directions For Use:
    1. Store adhesive at a minimum temperature of 68F (20 C) for 24 hours prior to installation. Condition wall tiles per manufacturer's recommendations.
    2. Wipe hand across surface. If dust transfers, substrate is not clean.
    3. Ensure substrate, wall tiles and surrounding areas are clean and dust free. Damp-wipe substrate if dust is present. Prime joint compound with latex based primer.
    4. HVAC must be continuously operated for a minimum of 72 hours at a temperature of no less than 68 F (20 C) prior to installation.
    5. Protect from overspray with a spray shield, drop cloths, paper or masking.
    6. Shake aerosol can well. Remove blue safety tab.
    7. This adhesive is delivered by a low-pressure propellant. Adhesive should spray out in a wide mist and fall similar to snow towards desired surface. Avoid extremely heavy application. Refer to spray pattern photo on product label.
    8. Hold can upright, approximately 18"-24" inches (46-61 cm) horizontally from the substrate, aim and pull trigger.
    9. Move can back and forth spraying smoothly and evenly to achieve the results shown in the photo on the reverse side. NOTE: Spraying in a sweeping motion may result an inconsistent spray pattern.
    10. To ensure optimal spray pattern, remove any adhesive build up that may occur during the application process.
    11. If overspray occurs, it may be removed with a damp cloth while the adhesive is still wet.
    12. Allow adhesive to dry until there is no adhesive transfer when lightly touched. High humidity and/or low temperature increases tack time.
    13. Open time after application is 1 hour. While open, ensure that adhesive is not contaminated by dust.
    14. Follow wall tile manufacturer's recommendations for installation. Position wall tile. Ensure tile is properly aligned before application of pressure. Reposition as necessary.
    15. Use Manufacturer's Recommendations for grouting. Apply firm pressure to complete the bonding process. Tile may be grouted immediately after installation.
    Click HERE for printable directions.

    Coverage: 40-50 sq ft of approved tile per 22oz spray can. Coverage rates are a guide and figures will increase or decrease depending on the spraying technique implemented.

    Safety Data: Spray Lock Wall Tile Adhesive MSDS

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