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Spartan THE FIXX Floor Finish-Sealer (404604), 1 Gallon
Spartan The Fixx Floor Finish/Sealer (Spartan 404604) is a premium, 25 percent high solids floor finish that has been enhanced with innovative, patented polymer technology that creates an exceptional level of clarity and a great depth of gloss. Designed for finishing and sealing vinyl composition tile (VCT), vinyl enhanced tile (VET) and solid vinyl tile (SVT). Especially effective in frequently maintained, high traffic areas. The Fixx sealer and finish offers long-term durability, fast drying time - even in high humidity - and premium resistance to scuff marks and scratches. To boot, The Fixx out-performs its competitors in initial gloss, wear and gloss retention. It offers a coverage of 2,000 to 3,000 square feet per gallon, depending on application method and the floor's porosity.

Pre-use instructions: Prior to full use, always read all product information, label and Safety Data Sheet and test in a small inconspicuous area. Wet floors may be slippery, so be sure to prevent pedestrian traffic during finish removal and application with signs or barricades. Some individuals may be sensitive to ingredients in this product.

Initial application:

  1. Completely remove all old floor finish. Depending upon build-up, use warm or room temperature water (80 degrees F to 120 degrees F/27 degrees C to 49 degrees C) and the Spartan finish remover of your choice.
  2. Remove all stripping solution and follow with two to three clear water rinses.
  3. When flooring is old, abused or damaged, two coats of sealer are recommended, however, The Fixx may be used as a self-sealing finish.
  4. Apply finish in a uniform coat. Let dry thoroughly for 30 to 40 minutes until surface is dry to the touch. Apply subsequent coats in the same manner. Two to four coats are recommended.


  1. Dust mop then damp mop with Spartan Damp Mop.
  2. Depending on traffic, high speed burnish as necessary to repair minor scratches and enhance gloss.
  3. Deep scrub as required with Shineline Multi-Surface Cleaner and rinse with clear water prior to recoating.
  4. Depending on machine type and speeds, experiment with buffing pads for quick touch ups of high-traffic and entry areas.

Additional information: