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Spartan N/C No Charge® Static Dissipative Floor Cleaner,
5 Gallon

Compatible cleaner for floors finished with NC No Charge Static Dissipative Floor Finish to maintain and improve static dissipative properties of polymer type floor finish and conductive floor tiles. No harmful residue. Will not streak, dull or haze when used as directed. No rinsing required when accurate dilutions are used. Phosphate-free. Biodegradable.

For Use On: Specialized cleaner specifically for use on conductive floor tiles finished with N/C No Charge Floor Finish. Safe for use on all other types of floors and finishes.

Directions For Use:
Prior to use, read product label and MSDS for safety precautions and proper application.

Frequency of Use: Light traffic floors should be cleaned two to three times a month. Floors with moderate to heavy traffic should be cleaned at least once a week.

Single Bucket System: Damp mop using a 1:64 dilution (2 oz per gallon of water). Wring mop out after dipping into cleaning solution. Start in the corner farthest from the door and mop toward the door. For extremely dirty floors, begin mopping at the cleanest point and mop towards the dirtiest location. Always use a clean mop.

Two-Bucket System (PREFERRED METHOD): Damp mop using a 1:64 dilution (2 oz per gallon of water). Dip mop into the cleaning solution and wring out. Mop a section of floor approximately 10 ft x 15 ft. Dip mop into clean water bucket to rinse. Wring water out of mop. Repeat process until entire floor is cleaned.

Notes: Do not use excessive water. The antistat agent in the NoCharge floor finish is extremely hydrophilic ("water loving") and will quickly leach from the floor when exposed to moisture. The floor will take on a whitened, blotchy or streaked appearance if overexposed to liquid. Most ESD sensitive facilities are clean room environments that should require very little wet cleaning. Overexposure to water will cause resistivity readings to drop out of specification and finish recoating is the only solution to restore the integrity of the floor's finish.

Spartan No Charge Cleaner Safety Information

Additional Information: Spartan No Charge Cleaner Product Data

Specifically recommended for use on the following floor brands:
(Check compatibility with specific flooring material prior to use.):
Johnsonite (Tarkett Commercial Flooring)