Rug-Lock® Spray Rug Grip, 16-ounces

  • Rug-Lock® Spray Rug Grip, 16-ounces
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Mfr. Part No:IL-RUGLOCK-16

Product Description

Keep rugs in place without the difficulty of fitting a non-slip mat. Rug-Lock sprays onto the back of your area carpet mat or floor rug. Once dry, Rug Lock non-slip surface will hold an area rug exactly where you want it until you lift the rug to move it.

Ruglock is safe to use as a backing on area rugs that will sit on hardwood flooring, LVT and other vinyl flooring, ceramic tile, laminate, cork floors and more. Once sprayed onto the back of a rug, rug lock's non-slip surface is permanent and will never need to be reapplied.

Each 16-oz can of Rug-Lock spray will cover up to 50 square feet of carpet backing.

Place rug upside down in the center of a drop cloth, leaving plenty of space along edges of rug so spray doesn't get onto floor. Use a lint roller to remove all lint and dirt from back of rug to ensure effective bond. Cover edges of rug with painter's tape to protect the front and any fringe from overspray. If overspray occurs, remove with damp cloth immediately.

Shake can well. Gently snap off trigger safety tab. Hold can at knee height (approximately 18-20 inches away). Spray from left to right in a sweeping motion. Evenly work your way down the rug, letting product fall onto rug back like snow. Reference these spray pattern pictures for a visual of the recommend amount of spray. Let RugLock dry completely indoors, for 8 12 hours.

Remove tape from edge, and place rug as desired on clean flooring surface. Apply pressure to lock the rug into place. If backing loses grip over time, it is likely due to dust or dirt accumulation, simply wipe with a damp cloth and let it dry, and the tack will return. If RugLock transfers to floor, the residue can be rubbed off by hand or with a damp cloth.