Grout-Aide Marker, Almond

  • Grout-Aide Marker, Almond
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Mfr. Part No:05061
Brand:Grout Aide
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Product Description

Erase grout stains and dullness with minimal effort using the Grout-Aide Marker in Almond. The non-slip rubber grip pen permanently (on most surfaces) covers grout stains, disinfects and refreshes dingy grout without the high cost of professional cleaning or replacement. This handy grout paint pen features an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal formula that's odorless and non-toxic so you can use it safely in non-ventilated spaces. Whether you want to cover stubborn stains or completely change your existing grout color, the Grout-Aide Marker is an ideal solution. It features a handy fiber tip that may be dipped in water for thinner coverage. The Almond Grout-Aide pen covers 175 lineal feet of average grout lines for a painless, do-it-yourself grout update. 1877FloorGuy carries Grout-Aid pens in four colors in addition to Almond. NOT for use in shower stalls or areas with high moisture.

  • Easy and safe
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No fumes
  • DIY quick-fix product
  • Durable clip cap for your pocket
  • Non-slip comfort grip

Directions for Use:

  • With cap in place, shake marker a minimum of 2 minutes.
  • Remove cap and depress tip repeatedly on hard surface until paint appears in the tip of the marker.
  • For thinner coverage, dip marker tip in water while applying.
  • Apply on grout.
  • If paint flow decreases during use, repeat step two.
  • Replace cap after each use.

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