forbo spray buff, quart (COMMERCIAL USE)

  • forbo spray buff, quart (COMMERCIAL USE)
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Product Description

A faster and easier way to maintain shine on your Forbo commercial LVT, plank and sheet vinyl flooring with Forbo Spray Buff in a 1-quart container. This high-quality spray-on buffer acts as a finishing agent to replenish gloss and minimize scratches and scuffs noticeable on the floor. It's a great fit for facilities that implement a spray buffing program for their maintenance staff to follow and ideal for replenishing shine on Forbo resilient floors in hospitals and busy retail stores where lengthy down-time is not feasible. Each time Spray-buff is applied, it adds anti-slip properties to the floor with a special blend of acrylic polymers that polish the floor to enhance shine. Forbo Spray Buff is zinc-free and contains no heavy metals. Using a spray buff routine minimizes or eliminates the need for time consuming strip and recoat procedures.

  • Anti-Slip
  • Spray-On, Ready-to-Use Formula
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Contains NO Zinc or other heavy metal

  • Forbo Spray Buff Safety Information Sheet

    Directions for Use:

    1. Sweep floor to remove dirt and dust.
    2. Clean floor with a recommended neutral pH cleaner to remove all dirt and oils.
    3. Spray a fine mist of Forbo Spray Buff onto floor in front of floor machine just prior to buffing. DO NOT OVERWET. Use a spray buff pad and buff to a high shine. Turn pad over or replace as needed.