Hilway Direct Neutral Cleaner, Concentrate, 1L (33.8oz)

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Hilway Direct Neutral Cleaner, Concentrate, 1 Liter

Keep your floors looking brand-new in-between routine cleans or after flooring installation with Hilway Direct Neutral Cleaner (Concentrate). With its low-pH formula, you can use it to thoroughly clean sheet vinyl, LVT, VCT, rubber, linoleum, cork, asphalt tile, marble, slate, concrete, quarry tile and terrazzo flooring. Many sensitive flooring types, including rubber and linoleum, require a low-pH or neutral floor cleaner in order to preserve the finish while cleaning. The streak-free Hilway Neutral Cleaner thoroughly removes dirt, grease and scuff marks and leaves behind no residue. Its highly concentrated formula is ideal for cleaning heavily soiled floors, but be sure to dilute according to the manufacturer's instructions for proper use. This 1-liter of Neutral Cleaner ships for free from 1877FloorGuy. Coverage: Up to 10,000 square feet per liter.

For Use On: Sheet Vinyl, LVT, VCT, Rubber, Linoleum, Cork, Asphalt Tile, Marble, Slate, Concrete, Quarry Tile, or Terrazzo flooring.

Directions for Use: Mop & Bucket Cleaning:
  1. Dilute Neutral Cleaner in a ratio of 1:200 (3/4oz to 1 gallon of water).
  2. Prepare TWO buckets for use during cleaning-
       -fill one with cleaning solution
       -fill the other with clean water for rinsing.
  3. Wipe cleaning solution over the floor with a clean string mop then rinse the dirty mop in the rinse bucket. Repeat until entire floor has been cleaned. Change the rinse bucket water when it is too dirty to rinse the mop properly. Always ring out excess liquid from the mop.
    Heavily soiled areas may require additional cleaning.
Machine Cleaning:
  • Dilute Neutral Cleaner in a ratio of 1:400 (1/4 oz to 1 gallon of water) when using a fully automated cleaning appliance.

  • Notes: Read full label & manufacturer instructions prior to use.

    Coverage: Up to 10,000 square feet per liter.

    Safety Data Sheet: Hilway Direct Neutral Cleaner Concentrate MSDS