Mannington Award Series Heavy Duty Cleaner Stripper, 32 oz

Item Number: MANN-832130
1+ pieces$11.30 ea.
2 - 5 pieces$9.30 ea.
6 + pieces$8.37 ea.
Regular price:$11.30

Heavy duty floor cleaner-stripper to remove stubborn dirt, heel marks and built-up polish on residential Mannington Luxury Vinyl, Vinyl Tile, Sheet Vinyl, Resilient and Fiberglass Flooring including Adura, Sobella. Mannington Award Series® Heavy Duty Cleaner and Stripper, 32 ounces.

Directions for Use:
  1. Sweep or Vacuum the floor.
  2. Mix 1 part heavy duty cleaner-stripper to 3 parts water.
  3. Liberally apply the diluted cleaning solution with a sponge mop and allow to soak into floor for 5-10 minutes. While still wet, scrub the floor with a brush or nylon pad. Wear rubbver gloves to avoid skin contact.
  4. Mop up the dirty solution then, with a clean mop, immediately rinse the floor with clean water. Change water when it gets dirty.
  5. Allow the floor to air dry thoroughly then restore and protect it with Mannington Award Series® High-Gloss Polish.
Coverage: 32oz bottle of Stripper is enough to cover approximately 200 sq ft.

Safety Data: Mannington Heavy Duty Cleaner Stripper SDS